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Deck Up Hydro Whey is a fast acting purely hydrolyzed whey protein. Hydrolyzed whey is the most advanced form of whey because it gets absorbed very easily in the bloodstream. After going through different filtration processes which enables the whey to come in a pre-digestive form. This deck up whey protein provides 23 g pure whey hydrolyzed in each 35 g serving.  Deck Up Hydro Whey uses cross filtrated hydrolyzed whey which enables it to preserve its muscle building properties. With Deck Up Hydro Whey ace the long term goal easily.  Deck Up hydro whey is even good for fast sports which require immediate release of proteins in the bloodstream. Hydro whey is ideal for sports like running, squash, table tennis etc. Deck up hydro whey dissolves easily in water and milk.

Deck Up Hydro Whey : The Magic Of Fast Acting Protein

  • Excellent Amino Acid Profile : Hydro Whey is rich in amino acid to improve the athletic performance.
  • Fast Recovery : Hydrolyzed whey protein is the purest form of whey that is why it gives the fastest recovery.
  • Healthy Metabolism : Deck Up hydro whey promotes healthy metabolism which results in better weight loss.

Deck Up hydro whey is an ideal supplement for sports person. This hydrolysed whey protein supplement can also be used by elderly people who have slow digestion problems. Deck Up Supplements have the amazing protein supplements that give boost to people for workout.

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