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Deck Up Nutrition Creatine gives more energy to do strenuous workouts. Creatine is a pre workout supplement.

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Deck Up Creatine helps in improving muscle strength and power; when electrolytes are added with creatine the power of the supplement become more effective and powerful. Various tests have been conducted and concluded that Creatine with Electrolytes has resulted in much higher performance when compared with Creatine alone. Electrolytes Improves the benefits of Creatine. In addition to improving ones’ body’s ability to make ATP as a phosphagen, this Creatine with Electrolytes also is known for its unique ability to help muscle tissue maintain higher concentrations of water.  With the additional mix of electrolytes, one can improve overall hydration to make sure that they get the most out of creatine. Creatine intake enhances muscle strength, power, and growth, while electrolytes support hydration, muscle function, and nerve function. Together, they can unlock the complete potential and achieve health and fitness goals. During our workout or swimming or running or any physical activity, we sweat and we are losing a lot of liquid but water is not the only substance we lose. It is significant to maintain our performance level during exercise and in the recovery phase by replenishing with electrolytes. Moreover, Creatine delivers additional energy. The effect is faster and more effective recovery and increased muscle endurance and growth when we use Deck Up Creatine with Electrolytes.

Key Highlights about Deck Up Creatine with Electrolyte Blend:

  • Highly effective in improving the performance
  • Blending electrolytes and creatine improves absorption of both
  • Creatine is proven to increase muscle mass, strength and exercise performance
  • Potassium and sodium help pump oxygen into ones’ muscles to recover faster
  • Highly water-soluble & bioavailable
  • Free of gluten, sugar, salt, and artificial colors or flavors
  • Supports Hydration
  • Protect your Immune System

Combining creatine with electrolytes can have potential benefits for individuals engaged in physical activities, especially those involving intense exercise, sweating, and dehydration. Both creatine and electrolytes play distinct roles in supporting athletic performance and overall well-being. Here are some potential uses of combining creatine with electrolytes:

Improved Hydration: Electrolytes like sodium and potassium are crucial for maintaining proper fluid balance and hydration. When combined with creatine, electrolytes can help enhance fluid retention within muscle cells, supporting hydration during and after workouts.

Enhanced Athletic Performance: Creatine is known for its ability to improve short-term, high-intensity performance. Combining it with electrolytes can further optimize muscle function and energy production, as electrolytes are involved in muscle contraction, nerve signaling, and energy metabolism.

Reduced Muscle Cramping: Electrolyte imbalances can contribute to muscle cramps, especially during strenuous exercise. The addition of electrolytes to a creatine supplement can help reduce the risk of muscle cramps by maintaining proper electrolyte levels and preventing excessive fluid loss.

Faster Recovery: After intense physical activity, electrolyte losses through sweat can lead to dehydration and fatigue. Creatine combined with electrolytes can aid in quicker recovery by replenishing lost electrolytes and supporting muscle recovery and repair.

Minimized Risk of Imbalances: Creatine supplementation might impact the body’s water and electrolyte balance. By including electrolytes in the mix, you can help mitigate the potential for disruptions in electrolyte levels that could result from creatine’s effects on fluid retention.

Steady Energy Levels: Electrolytes are important for maintaining stable blood sugar levels and energy production. When combined with creatine, they can contribute to sustained energy levels during workouts and prevent energy crashes caused by electrolyte imbalances.

Cognitive Support: Both creatine and electrolytes have potential cognitive benefits. Creatine can enhance cognitive function under certain conditions, while electrolytes are essential for nerve signaling. The combination might offer improved mental clarity and focus during exercise.

Convenience: Many electrolyte supplements are formulated to be taken during or after exercise to replace lost electrolytes. Combining creatine and electrolytes in a single supplement can be convenient for those looking to support their athletic performance and recovery in one product.

It’s important to note that while combining creatine with electrolytes can offer potential advantages, individual responses can vary. As with any supplementation, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian before adding new supplements to your regimen. They can help you determine the appropriate dosages, monitor your progress, and ensure that your supplementation plan aligns with your specific health goals and needs.

Specialty of Electrolyte Creatine Blend in 3 Amazing Fruit Flavors:

  • Blueberry
  • Orange
  • Pineapple

If you’re looking for a powerful Creatine with Electrolytes combination to improve your performance, here is your best choice, Deck Up Creatine.

Direction of Use: Use 5 grams of Deck Up Creatine in 400 ml of water. Stir well to get a tasty pineapple/ blueberry/ orange flavored drink.

Suggested use: In order to get better results, consume it during workout to boost the energy level, repair muscle tissues as well as to meet the nutritional requirement or as suggested by your nutritionist.


Keep out of reach of children

Store in a cool, dry place

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Orange, Blueberry, PineApple, Watermelon


100 g, 300 g


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