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Deck Up Glutamine is one of the essential hydrating workout supplements for muscle recovery

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Deck Up Glutamine a flavored intra-workout supplement for muscle recovery. Glutamine is a conditionally amino acid which can be taken during high intensity workouts to prevent muscle pain. Deck up glutamine is ideal for summer workout because of the electrolyte combination. The electrolyte in the glutamine supplements helps in replenishing water that is lost due to sweating.

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids present in the body , it is also the building block of proteins. It is also needed to build glucose. During intense exercise there is more chances of glutamine depletion which can affect the muscle strength. Glutamine supplementation prevents wastage of muscle tissue. Taking of deck up glutamine  can help in getting relieve from stress incurred during a workout.

Another reason why you should consume deck up glutamine is because it helps in building healthy immunity. Many times during workout we can be prone to weakening of our immunity. Glutamine can help boost immunity levels and also improve our gut functions. Nuts, eggs , meat etc can be some incredible and natural sources of glutamine.

Deck Up Glutamine provides 7 g glutamine in amazing flavors as compared to the traditional 5 g glutamine provided by its counterparts. To experience a juice like feeling mix 7g glutamine in 125-150 ml water until fully mixed and consume immediately. Bodybuilders, runners  and sportsperson alike can make use of this energy drink.

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Orange, Blueberry, PineApple, Watermelon


100 g, 300 g


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